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Lirik New Religion - Snickers And The Chicken Fighter

When your life has no limit
you're not try to give it there's a million of reasons
you don't wanna giving all up
for something you're not
dividing your souls and your love

There's a 40 gun shot holes hit your walls
And every inch of em' shows what we have to know, it's like
ANGERS and the VIOLENCE and the sufferness for too long

Call your people today
It's all about the system down
It's YES or NO
We've been already changed it's time for a new religion

Burn all the enemies down,
we start a riot across the town,
we're not happy with our faith
We're not happy with our faith
Then suddenly it said it's movin' around,
towards come to me constantly
I know I better buckle,
so please someone talk to me
We've already stuck in the middle
of parent's trap for too long


I know I've been done for this
And I know I was comin' undone for this
Fillin' the world with no anger and simply no doubt for this
Let's start a new day
We're never looking down for the cover up..
Oo whoaa.. Let's rock-in-to-DUB-beats!

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