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Lirik Answer - Saint Loco

It?s like I wake up at this morning with a question in my head
I need to figure it out something before I jump of my question of my bed
Another complex situation covered by confusion
Lost in the page and I?m trap with depression
Homie tell me why and don?t u ever deny
I want to fly so high but don?t u leave me to dry
Justified reason complete my question

Can?t believe is this 4 real
All the preasure is killin me
Seems unreal
Cause everything I have done
Impossible to hold the fort

I never know why answer?s answer?s give me some answer
Tell me what to find to complete my question verse: I need some answers
Some answers
I this a real world
Or a vague

Back to Chorus

Interlude: everyday I live my life with a lot question
I need some answers
Any kind of answer
To continue my struggle

Back to chorus

Backing: everyday I live my wrestling with question
Stand up 4 u a nu revolution
Same way

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