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Lirik Million Hand - Right 88

Now you got to show dreadful that you have it to long
But I'm never to accept that all ever you have done
You are not the one I ever see to place the blame
But everyone have to know all the answer
Can you realise and to think there's something remarkable
And looking surrounding many have done change
I never shall for to demand and I don't want for to discuss
Yet by the factor position that to make all this created
Saw everything you wanted and everything you mind
In spite of desire have done to offer you
But you can to see my state of thing and never to realize
Case it all as very make me sickened
The world takes everything I've got and I don't know how to get back
I don't need fucking lies don't need your promises
But I just only long for a proof can be inspire trust at all
So that at all will become alright
Emotion, depression will always straight to shade on me
No speculation now don't to dream by way of trust
Cause it all can make you feel insane
There's no mercy in this town
And I don't know when it's gonna end for me
If I go on like this I'm gonna end for me
If I go on like this I'm gonna end it all one day
Where is your good soul where's your human nature
That it all is never to display
Cause it all is never be there
I die a little everytime I close my eyes
No sanctuary in my dream
I wear my colour proud stare me down
I've got million scars to prove my pain
Arm that will not set me free
Locked in this cafe that I've built my self
Just do it like the ordinary day
Maybe next time it will be alright
How much power is ever enough for the man
What you have don't the solution
You don't have the answer
I'll never bow to your expectation
I never have and I never will
I'm not a puppet, pawn, or figure head
I am a man on my own free will
Should I'm become on top of the world
I wanna shout iy all out to the world
I wanna keep it all keep it all and all inside
Arm that will not set me free
Locked in this cafe that I've built my self
Yet by a place so dark, so cold
Just do it like the ordinary day
There is nothing that shall I can do
Maybe with time it will be alright

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